Market Analysis:  Potential target markets are identified by studying characteristics of a given market.  These characteristics include:  employment drivers, population and household formation trends, permitting activity, and other factors that impact supply & demand fundamentals.

​Deal Sourcing:  Strive to be visible in target markets to foster relationships with local brokers and multi-family owners to facilitate direct buying opportunities.

Due Diligence:  ​Conduct thorough investigation of a potential investment and engage consultants or specialists as needed.  This process is concluded with the development of a strategic business plan for each investment.

​Asset Management:  ​Hands on approach to each investment's operations with a focus on generating the most revenue possible while minimizing operational and capital expenses.

Risk Management:  ​Perform regular reviews of each investment's Market and Physical liability risk.  Host regular discussions with onsite management and take proactive measures to reduce risk.     

​Disposition (Exit):  Investment valuation and Hold/Sell analysis are completed to accompany all sales recommendations presented to members of an investment.     


investment process


ARTISAN offers unparalleled transparency and direct access to its principals before, during, and after the acquisition of an investment, ensuring capital partners are well-informed and fully understand the merits and risks associated with a specific transaction.  

Trust, integrity, independent-thinking, and hard work are the guiding principles that Ryan Cahalan and Mike Perry strive to impart on every aspect of the firm’s dealings.  ACG’s hands-on approach by its principals allows it to respond quickly to market opportunities as they present themselves and operate swiftly and efficiently through the investment process.